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Modern First Nations Legislation Annotated, 2020 Edition

This book is the only complete collection of the most recent legislation affecting Aboriginal peoples rights in Canada, their lands, and their institutions.
Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433503262

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The Definitive Resource on First Nations Legislation
If you want to give solid legal advice to First Nations or make effective leadership decisions, you need the most up-to-date information on First Nations law in Canada. Modern First Nations Legislation Annotated, 2020 Edition is the only complete collection of the most recent legislation affecting First Nations, their lands, and their institutions.

Features and Benefits

  • "What's New" and "What's Next" – Capturing key recent changes and anticipated developments
  • Introductory commentary for all legislation – Providing an overview on each Act and regulation
  • Section-by-section commentary and annotation – Offering expert interpretation of the section and highlighting key cases on point
  • Full text of all recent First Nations legislation – Have all relevant legislation at your fingertips

Who Should Buy

  • Aboriginal lawyers who need up-to-date information on First Nations governance, reserve land transactions, taxation, and specific claims
  • Aboriginal band administrators, First Nations leaders, councils, negotiators and policy advisors who need guidance on the law that governs their actions
  • Aboriginal economic development officers, land managers and taxation officials who need to understand and comply with the standards set out in the legislation
  • Provincial governments and municipalities who are directly involved in negotiating land claims, municipal service agreements, or regulatory monitoring and enforcement agreements with First Nations
  • Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development officials and other federal officials who must keep current on modern First Nations legislation to meet the Federal Government's constitutional, treaty, political, and legal responsibilities to First Nations
  • Non-Aboriginal residents of reserves who pay property taxes and wish to understand their rights under the new property tax regime for reserve lands

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Table of contents

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Legislative Currency
Detailed Table of Contents
What's New
What's Next
Introduction to Modern First Nations Legislation
Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act (Annotated)
Emergency Protection Orders Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Commercial and Industrial Development Act (Annotated)
First Nations Elections Act (Annotated)
First Nations Financial Transparency Act (Annotated)
First Nations Fiscal Management Act (Annotated)
Credit Enhancement Fund Use Regulations (Annotated)
Debt Reserve Fund Replenishment Regulations (Annotated)
Financing Secured by Other Revenues Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Assessment Appeal Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Assessment Inspection Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Local Revenue Law Review Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Property Assessment and Taxation (Railway Rights-of-Way) Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Rates and Expenditure Laws Timing Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Tax Commission Review Procedures Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Tax Commissioner Appointment Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Taxation Enforcement Regulations (Annotated)
Revenue Management Implementation Regulations (Annotated)
Short-term Pooled Investment Fund Regulations (Annotated)
Statistical Data Disclosure Regulations (Annotated)
First Nations Land Management Act (Annotated)
First Nations Land Registry Regulations (Annotated)
Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management
First Nations Oil and Gas and Moneys Management Act (Annotated)
Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act (Annotated)
Specific Claims Tribunal Act (Annotated)
Specific Claims Tribunal Rules of Procedure (Annotated)