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Employment Law in Canada, 4th Edition

This national publication reviews and analyzes the general trends in Canadian employment along with the underlying forces that are determining the future development of the law.
Publication Language: English
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Published: January 01, 2005
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433449874

Product description

This national publication reviews and analyzes the general trends in Canadian employment along with the underlying forces that are determining the future development of the law.

Employment Law in Canada, 4th Edition specifically examines a multitude of issues surrounding the "employer and employee", and the "master and servant" relationship and in so doing, analyzes the application of:

  • Common Law of the employment contract
  • Provincial and Federal Employment/Labour Standards legislation which establishes a floor of irreducible rights with respect to such things as: minimum wages, hours of work, overtime, wage statements, holidays and vacations, maternity and parental leave, sick leave, equal pay for men and women etc.
  • Human Rights Codes that prohibit discrimination on specified grounds in the employment context
  • Special Legislation that commonly determines the rights and obligations of employees and employers relating to pension benefits, privacy, pay equity, health and safety, non-payment of wages, worker's compensation and unemployment insurance
  • International Labour Laws that may bind the federal, and even some provincial governments, such as the Labour Side Agreement in the North American Free Trade Agreement
  • The relationship between different forums for enforcing employment rights, including res judicata problems
  • Other legislation such as the statutes of frauds, corporations legislation and debt collection legislation that can bear on the employment relationship

Employment Law in Canada, 4th Edition offers expert guidance on interpreting and researching applicable case law (enhanced by the addition of LexisNexis® Quicklaw® citations), developing your arguments and managing risks in the workplace arena. It offers:

  • Comprehensive Approach - 20 Chapters address the legislation and case law affecting virtually every area of employment law
  • National Scope - Covers the law in all provincial common law jurisdictions
  • Up-to-date Information - The looseleaf format combined with regular releases ensure that the publication is updated to reflect the law as articulated in the hundreds of court decisions handed down each year
  • Social and economic policies that are driving the future evolution of employment law

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Table of contents

Part I: Formation of the Employment Relationship
Chapter 1: Introduction: Employment Law and the Economic and Social Context
Chapter 2: The Employment Relationship: Is This Person an "Employee"?
Chapter 3: The "Employer"
Chapter 4: Eligibility: Who can be an Employer or an Employee?
Chapter 5: Human Rights in the Canadian Workplace
Chapter 6: Personal Information Required on Hiring
Chapter 7: The Formalities of Hiring: Making the Contract of Employment
Part II: The Statutory and Common Law Rights and Obligations of Employers and Employees
Chapter 8: The Employer's Statutory Obligations
Chapter 9: Health and Safety Legislation
Chapter 10: The Employer's Express and Implied Contractual Obligations
Chapter 11: Employer Rights and Employee Obligations
Part III: Termination of Employment
Chapter 12: Expiry of the Term of Employment
Chapter 13: Quitting
Chapter 14: Firing by Notice or Wages in Lieu
Chapter 15: Summary Dismissal
Chapter 16: Common Law Remedies for Wrongful Dismissal
Chapter 17: Wrongful Dismissal by Virtue of Legislation
Chapter 18: Frustration of the Employment Contract and Temporary Discontinuance of Work
Chapter 19: Wage Recovery
Chapter 20: The Relationship between the Multiple Forums for Enforcing Employment Rights