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Election Law in Canada

In this new publication, author Donald J. Bourgeois delves into the topic of election law in Canada and provides valuable insight into this important and evolving area.
Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433478522

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The right to vote in democratic elections may be a basic entitlement in Canada, but the rules governing our electoral process are anything but straightforward. In this new publication, author Donald J. Bourgeois delves into the topic of election law in Canada and provides valuable insight into this important and evolving area.

In-depth coverage
Election Law in Canada is dedicated solely to examining the rules and regulations that apply to the running of elections in Canada and is the first book to consider this subject since the Fair Elections Act was passed in 2014. In addition to covering the laws affecting voting rights and participation in the electoral process, Bourgeois provides an in-depth analysis of the laws that apply to candidates in elections as well as the laws governing riding associations and political parties and associations. This volume also explores the legislation that applies to the sometimes-controversial area of campaign financing.

In particular, Election Law in Canada offers comprehensive coverage of the following topics:
  • Election law and the Constitution: Develop an understanding of the relationship between constitutional rights and the Canadian electoral process
  • Laws affecting voting rights and participation in elections: Learn about the statutory qualifications and disentitlements to voting in Canada as well as the protection of the integrity of the right to vote
  • Candidates and electoral boundaries: Gain insight into the law regarding eligibility for candidacy and the nomination process under the Canada Elections Act
  • Political parties and associations, campaign financing, and political advertising and broadcasting: Learn about the laws related to the registration process for political parties and associations; restrictions on fundraising and contributions to political parties and expenses; and the rules and restrictions applicable to election advertising, surveys, broadcasts and "RoboCalls"
  • The conduct of elections, compliance and enforcement: Discover the rules that pertain to the conduct of elections, as well as the protocols on enforcement of election law, the investigative process by the Commissioner of Canada Elections, prosecutions and contested elections
  • Electoral scope: Obtain detailed information about federal election law along with commentary that is also relevant to elections at the provincial, territorial and municipal levels
An essential volume
This book is a valuable resource for anyone involved in elections in Canada in any capacity – whether candidate, campaign manager, legal advisor, fundraiser – including:
  • Lawyers who advise political parties and electoral candidates
  • Constitutional lawyers
  • Government lawyers, government departments and Elections Canada employees
  • Criminal lawyers who represent people accused of transgressing the Elections Act
  • Political parties and associations, riding associations and elected officials
  • Law libraries

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Election Law and the Constitution
Chapter 3: Law Affecting Voting Rights and Participation in the Electoral Process
Chapter 4: Candidates and Electoral Boundaries
Chapter 5: Political Parties and Associations
Chapter 6: Campaign Financing and Financial Administration of Elections
Chapter 7: Political Advertising and Broadcasting
Chapter 8: The Election – Preparation, Conduct and the Vote
Chapter 9: Compliance and Enforcement