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Commercializing Research and Development - A Guide to Legal and Business Practice, 2nd Edition

This vital resource for navigating the myriad issues involved in commercializing the products of research and development provides an overview of the key Canadian business law concepts, and practical guidance for each step in commercialization.
Publication Language: English
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Softcover + CD-ROM | 498 pages

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Published: November 30, 2006
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433454571

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Taking an idea and bringing it to market is the core challenge of any business that relies on research and development for its success. This process brings with it a host of critical considerations, such as:
  • Protecting the intellectual property created
  • Obtaining and sustaining the investment
  • Meeting the obligations imposed by corporate law
This guide is an essential resource for navigating the myriad issues involved in commercializing the products of research and development. The book provides lawyers, employers and researchers with a concise overview of the key legal and business concepts, and contains practical guidance for each step in the commercialization process.

The book begins by defining important terms and describing the various types of participants involved with the research and development process (private and public companies, governmental institutions, etc.). It then provides a step-by-step guide to the process itself, including:
  • Creating, identifying and declaring intellectual property
  • Structuring the intellectual property
  • Preparing a market strategy and business plan
  • Determining the appropriate commercial approach
  • Steps to take to obtain additional financing from private and public sources
Included at the end of each chapter are essential forms and precedents used by the players in the research and development process, including:
  • Inter-institutional Research and Development Agreement
  • Incubation Agreement
  • Employment/Consulting Agreement
  • Shareholders' Agreement
  • Distributorship Agreement
  • Software Development Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Underwriting Agreement
All of the forms and precedents are reproduced electronically on an accompanying CD-ROM.

Special Added Benefits
  • Appendix containing excerpts of key legislation (the Patent Act, the Copyright Act, and the Patent Cooperation Treaty), and commentary on related American legislation for your convenience
  • Looseleaf format changed to softbound volume for improved portability
  • General Table of Contents providing an overview of the book's contents
  • Addition of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) documentation relating to the NSERC's Policies, Guidelines and Grants offering you a quick reference
  • Particularized Table of Contents at the beginning of the book and preceding each chapter makes it easy to locate specific information fast
  • For ease of reference and use, all forms are listed in a Table of Forms and reproduced electronically on CD-ROM
  • Enhanced with the addition of LexisNexis Quicklaw citations for ease of research
  • Chapter 6 re-structured to create discrete chapters covering Public and Private financing, offers more detailed information on each subject

Bibliography provides readers with additional sources for further reference

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Table of contents

Table of Cases
Table of Forms
Chapter 1: The Commercialization Process
Chapter 2: The Researcher-Institution Relationship
Chapter 3: The Start-Up or Spin-Off Company
Chapter 4: The Business Plan
Chapter 5: Operations
Chapter 6: Raising Funds
Chapter 7: Going Public
Appendix A: Legislation
Appendix B: Bibliography