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Canadian Immigration & Refugee Law Practice, 2021 Edition + E-Book

This annual volume provides an overview of recent changes to Canadian immigration and refugee law along with case digests of recent key decisions.
Publication Language: English
Book + eBook

Hardcover + E-Book | 2,192 pages | Annual – Standing Order Terms Apply

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Published: November 12, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433509721

Product description

The "Go-To" Guide for the Ever-Changing World of Immigration and Refugee Law Practice
It is definitely not an understatement that immigration and refugee law changes have continued to take the centre stage of legislative activities in Canada. Immigration and refugee law practitioners and consultants must be aware of all these recent changes and their implications on their practice.

Canadian Immigration & Refugee Law Practice, 2021 Edition provides you with an overview of the new legislative framework of Canadian immigration and refugee law along with guiding principles for the exercise of discretion by the Immigration and Refugee Board. The book captures the latest legislative updates and case law, with extensive commentary on the implications of both the recent and pending changes.

This invaluable reference for immigration law practitioners and consultants also provides close to 2000 thematically organized case digests from the IRPA and the Citizenship Act, and key sections of the regulations, rules, and related legislation. Plus, the book also includes an unannotated version of the Act in double-column English and French, making it easy to locate a section of legislation when representing a case.


  • An overview of the legislative framework and general guiding principles of administrative law in the practice of immigration and refugee law
  • In-depth analysis of each Division and Part of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • Thematically organized case summaries
  • Full text of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Citizenship Act, regulations and rules, related legislation and international trade agreements
  • Unannotated English-French version of the Act

Highlights of the 2021 Edition

  • Discussion of key recent developments such as:
    • The new class home child-care provider pilot and home support worker pilot
    • The two year public policy, announced in September 2019 that exempted certain persons from the application of s. 117 (9)(d) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation
    • When an examination under s. 15-17 of the IRPA is considered to have come to an end
    • The Impact of Vavilov on Standard of Review to Be Applied by the Court Sitting on Judicial Review
    • Requirement to Challenge Both Original decision and the decision to refuse to consider when an Applicant Seeks a Reconsideration
    • When a tribunal decision is considered to take effect
    • Cross Examination on Affidavits in Support of the Application for Leave
    • Requests for Anonymity
  • Over 100 new case digests

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Table of contents


Legislative Currency

Table of Cases

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Annotated)

Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (Annotated)

Federal Courts Immigration and Refugee Protection Rules (With Case Digests)

Refugee Protection Division Rules (With Case Digests)

Refugee Appeal Division Rules

Immigration Division Rules (With Case Digests)

Immigration Appeal Division Rules (With Case Digests)

Citizenship Act (With Case Digests)

Citizenship Regulations (With Case Digests)

Federal Courts Act (Excerpts With Case Digests)

Federal Courts Rules (Excerpts with case digests)

Canada Evidence Act (Excerpts)

UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, Articles 1E and 1F

North American Free Trade Agreement – Chapter 16

Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement – Chapter K

An Act Respecting Immigration to Québec

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Excerpts With Case Digests)

Full text of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in English and French (Unannotated)