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Branding & Copyright for Charities & Non-Profit Organizations, 2nd Edition

This title is the only charity law book on trade mark issues unique to this sector. Learn why you need to register trade marks, how to register them, how to protect them and how to use branding and licensing campaigns to create value.
Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780433475460

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What Every Charity and Non-Profit Organization Needs to Know about Branding, Trade-Marks and Copyright

Trade-marks constitute the focal point of branding and marketing communications by charities and non-profit organizations with potential donors, sponsors and prospective volunteers. Copyright allows charities and non-profit organizations to benefit economically from their work and constitutes another area of stewardship for a charity or non-profit organization's portfolio of intellectual property.

This handbook explains the importance of branding, trade-marks and copyright for charities and non-profit organizations and provides invaluable guidance on how organizations can best utilize and protect their valuable assets.

Branding and Trade-Marks
  • Types of trade-marks - choose the appropriate form of trade-mark
  • Common law rights - discover the drawbacks to common law trade-mark protection
  • Registration system - fully understand the benefits of registering a trade-mark
  • Background research - select a trade-mark wisely and carefully
  • Registration process - register a trade-mark smoothly and quickly
  • International registration - take advantage of savings under foreign trade-mark registration systems
  • Ongoing protection - monitor and take action against trade-mark abuse or infringement
  • Online presence - manage your internet domain name portfolio
  • Trade-mark licensing - draft effective license agreements
  • Differences between copyrights and moral rights – know what rights are being assigned or protected
  • Copyright protection - understand when a work is entitled to automatic copyright protection and when copyright application is warranted
  • Use of copyrighted materials – when copyright clearance is required and when it is not
  • Copyright remedies – how to recognize copyright infringement and how to respond to claims
Features and Benefits
  • Written in plain language – making the law simple to understand
  • Illustration of principles by examples – understand how to apply the law and principles
  • Written by charity law experts – practice tips and advice offered in the context of operation of charities and non-profit organizations

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Branding and its Importance to Charities and Non-Profit Organizations
Chapter 2: Trade-mark Overview for Charities and Non-Profit Organizations
Chapter 3: Trade-mark Protection under the Common Law System
Chapter 4: Trade-mark Protection under the Registration System
Chapter 5: Registering a Trade-mark in Canada
Chapter 6: Registering a Trade-mark Internationally
Chapter 7: Protecting the Brand through Trade-mark Selection and Searching
Chapter 8: Protecting the Brand through Trade-mark Use and Monitoring
Chapter 9: Protecting the Brand through Domain Names
Chapter 10: Protecting the Brand through Trade-mark Licensing
Chapter 11: Copyright Overview for Charities and Non-Profit Organizations
Chapter 12: Copyright Protection
Chapter 13: Copyright Exceptions
Chapter 14: Copyright Remedies
Chapter 15: Conclusion