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A Guide to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, 2022/2023 Edition

This concise guide to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) provides an overview of the youth criminal justice system in Canada, section-by-section commentary on legal and operational implications, and captures key recent developments.

Publication Language: English

Softcover | 422 pages | Annual – Standing Order Terms Apply

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Published: June 21, 2022
ISBN/ISSN: 9780433518587

Product description

In-Depth Expert Analysis of Bill C-75 YCJA Amendments
This concise guide to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) provides an overview of the youth criminal justice system in Canada, section-by-section commentary on legal and operational implications and captures key recent developments. A must-have for anyone dealing with young persons and those who need to understand how the YCJA is implemented.

Features and Benefits

  • Updated commentary – References relevant cases and highlights reactions to the YCJA from the courts and those who work with the Act offering expert insight on recent developments
  • Full text of the legislation – Allows you to have ready access to the most current legislation
  • Section-by-section commentary   – Allows you to understand the legal rationale and operational issues of individual provisions
  • YCJA procedural chart – Provides step-by-step guidance
  • A table of concordance on the YCJA and the former Young Offenders Act – Allows you to identify what has changed and what has remained the same
  • Forms and checklists for police, Crown prosecutors and officials – Provides a handy checklist of what you can and cannot do when arresting a young person

What's New in This Edition

  • Discussion about recent key cases such as the Ontario Court of Appeal case R. v. J.Z., 2021 ONCA 817 where consideration was given to the “exceptional case” in imposing custodial sentences, and the Saskatchewan R. v. W.M., [2021] S.J. No. 320 on the meaning of the “presumption of diminished moral blameworthiness” when imposing an adult sentence
  • Analysis of updated youth court and youth crime statistics

Who Will Benefit

  • Criminal law practitioners who represent young persons and advise them of their rights
  • Judges who need to be familiar with the court procedures and sentencing options for young persons under the YCJA
  • Correctional service and probation officers who need to oversee the custody and supervision of young persons
  • Police officers who deal with extrajudicial measures/sanctions and need to know the limits of their authority in relation to young people
  • Law enforcement program students who need a practical, yet comprehensive learning reference about the youth criminal justice system

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Table of contents

Table of Concordance
Youth Criminal Justice Act (Annotated)
Part 1: Extrajudicial Measures
Part 2: Organization of Youth Criminal Justice System
Part 3: Judicial Measures
Part 4: Sentencing
Part 5: Custody and Supervision
Part 6: Publication, Records and Information
Part 7: General Provisions
Part 8: Transitional Provisions
Part 9: Consequential Amendments, Repeal and Coming into Force

YCJA Non-Disclosure Provision Chart
Table of Provincial Director Responsibilities
Checklist for Police Officers: Police Options (section 6)
Checklist for Police, Crown Prosecutors and Officials: Extrajudicial Sanctions (section 10)
Extrajudicial Measures: Duty of Police Officer
Extrajudicial Measures: YCJA Sections 4-12 Key Points
Form 1.1 (sections 6 and 7) Police Caution to a Young Person
Form 1.2 (section 8) Crown Caution to a Young Person
Form 1.3 (section 8) Notice to the Parent that a Young Person has been given a Crown Caution
Form 1.4 (sections 10 and 11) Notice to Parent of Extrajudicial Sanction
Form 5.5 (Criminal Code sections 499 and 503) Undertaking Given to a Peace Officer or an Officer in Charge
Form 9.1 (section 146) Statement of a Young Person
Summary Report of the Nunn Commission of Inquiry
Key Young Offenders Act Sections
Bill C-75 YCJA amendments