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Executive Employment Law

The publication provides an insightful, integrated analysis of the rights and obligations of executives and the boards of directors who supervise them.
Publication Language: English
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Published: January 01, 1993
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409908480

Product description

Your First Stop for Executive Employment Law and Governance
Today's executive may wear many hats: director, officer, shareholder, and employee. Multiple hats translate into multiple areas of law and liability. Numerous statutes limit the behaviour of executives and directors, including those dealing with:

  • Corporations
  • Employment
  • Securities
  • Tax
  • Retirement income
  • Immigration
  • Crime

For more than 25 years, executives, directors, and lawyers have turned to Executive Employment Law to cut through this jungle of laws. The publication provides an insightful, integrated analysis of the rights and obligations of executives and the boards of directors who supervise them. This unique looseleaf service covers both the common law applicable in most provinces, and the civil law of Quebec.

Answers to Your Pressing Questions
Some Answers to Questions from Executives

  • How do the courts interpret my rights and obligations as an executive?
  • What damages arise from failure to respect these obligations?
  • What recourses are available to me if the board terminates my employment contract?
  • What liabilities do I face under securities legislation?
  • How can I determine if a business contract contains a criminal element?
  • What steps must I take if my company faces bankruptcy?

Some Answers to Questions from Directors

  • How do the courts interpret my rights and obligations as a director?
  • What should an executive employment contract contain?
  • How do I determine a reasonable executive compensation?
  • How do I terminate an executive employment relationship?
  • What defensive strategies can I use to protect directors and officers from potential costs and liabilities?
  • What are my obligations with respect to the governance of executives?

Time-Saving Features

  • 25 tabbed commentary chapters
  • Table of contents for each chapter for easy reference
  • Index with paragraph numbers directing you to the relevant section of text
  • Comprehensive citations, indicating the date of case, jurisdiction, and the court rendering the decision.

A reference tool that has stood the test of time for:

  • Executives who need quick access to the many different areas of law that apply to executives and directors, and who need to avoid liability in their multiple legal relationships.
  • Corporate Directors who need to be aware of their obligations for supervising, appointing, and compensating executives and senior managers.
  • Corporate Counsel who must keep abreast of all aspects of executive employment law and governance and reduce the need for extensive use of outside counsel.
  • Law Firms/External Counsel who seek expertise in all aspects of executive employment law and governance.
  • Corporate Secretaries who must ensure that a board uses proper processes for the governance of executives.
  • Entrepreneurs with Small and Medium-Sized Companies who need to know how to employ and work effectively with executives who represent and contract for their enterprise.

2 Volumes
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Table of contents

Supplementary Table of Cases
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Chapter 1: An Overview
Chapter 2: Determination of Laws Governing the Executive Employment Relationship
Chapter 3: Formation of the Employment Contract
Chapter 4: The Nature of Employment, the Employer and the Employee
Chapter 5: Pre-Employment Obligations
Employer's Obligations
Chapter 6: Provide the Work
Chapter 7: Provide Remuneration
Chapter 8: Safety of Executives
Employee's Obligations
Chapter 9: Execute the Work
Chapter 10: Loyalty
Chapter 11: The Written Employment Contract and Some Specific Provisions
Chapter 12: Termination of Employment
Chapter 13: Executive Recourses and Damages
Chapter 14: Aggravated/Moral and Punitive/Exemplary Damages
Chapter 15: Employer Recourses for Breach of Contract by Executives
Chapter 16: Other Issues Concerning Wrongful Termination and Damage Awards
Chapter 17: Immigration and Employment
Chapter 18: Tax Considerations
Chapter 19: Retirement Income Provisions
Chapter 20: Duties and Liabilities of Corporate Directors and Officers
Chapter 21: Liability of Senior Executives under Securities Legislation
Chapter 22: Defensive Strategies
Chapter 23: Corporate Governance
Chapter 24: Criminal Liability for Executives and Managers
Chapter 25: Directors' and Officers' Liability Related to Environmental Law