Canadian Federal Courts Practice, 2015 Edition + E-Book / Pratique devant les Cours fédérales, édition 2015 + livre électronique

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Format::  Hardcover Book + e-Book, 2
ISBN:: 9780433478874


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Designed for the Bench – Perfect for the Practitioner

Only Canadian Federal Courts Practice, 2015 Edition / Pratique devant les Cours fédérales, édition 2015 provides all commentary, indices, a list of judges and registry offices and an overview in English and French. Designed for both English and French practitioners who appear before the Federal Courts, this portable civil litigation guide on the Federal Courts Act and Rules, and Federal Courts practice, provides up-to-date, section-by-section annotation and commentary for your quick reference. All commentary, full text of legislation, forms and Federal Courts of Canada Notice to the Legal Profession are offered in both English and French.

PLUS: Only LexisNexis e-books contain hyperlinks to full-text cases and are optimized for all mobile devices (not just BlackBerry®), offering direct complimentary access to full text of all judgments hyperlinked in the e-book


New In This Edition

Table of Contents

About the Authors/À propos des auteurs

Legislative Currency/Niveau de mise à jour

Table of Cases/Table des décisions

Judges and Registry Offices/Les juges et les bureaux du greffe

Elements of Practice and Procedure Before the Federal Court of Canada/Éléments de pratique et de procédure devant les Cours fédérales du Canada

Court Practice Notes/Directives sur la procédure

Federal Courts Act/Loi sur les Cours fédérales

Exchequer Court Act /Loi sur la Cour de l'Échiquier (unrepealed sections)(articles non abrogés)

Federal Courts Rules / Règles des Cours fédérales


Tariffs of Fees/Tarifs

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (ss. 72-87)/Loi sur l'immigration et la protection des réfugiés (art. 72 à 87)

Federal Courts Immigration and Refugee Protection Rules/Règles des Cours fédérales en matière d'immigration et de protection des réfugiés

Crown Liability and Proceedings Act/Loi sur la responsabilité civile de l'État et le contentieux administratif

Canada Evidence Act/Loi sur la preuve au Canada
Interpretation Act/ Loi d'interprétation


The Honourable Mr. Justice Roger T. Hughes, Arthur B. Renaud, L.E. Trent Horne & The Honourable Marie-Josée Bédard

The Honourable Mr. Justice Roger T. Hughes is a judge of the Federal Courts of Canada. He is also the author of several texts and looseleaf services in the litigation and intellectual property field.

Arthur B. Renaud is a Partner in the intellectual property litigation group in the Ottawa offices of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP.

L.E. Trent Horne is a Partner in the intellectual property litigation group in the Toronto offices of Bennett Jones LLP.

The Honourable Marie-Josée Bédard is a judge of the Federal Courts of Canada and ex officio member of the Federal Court of Appeal.

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