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Desktop Guide to Procurement Law

Written by an expert in purchasing law, with nearly 30 years of experience in teaching and training purchasers, this handy book covers all of the important areas of purchasing, in an easy-to-use, quick reference format.

Format:   Softcover Book

Author :  Robert Worthington, LL.B.

Federal Contract Management--A Manual for the Contract Professional

This publication supplies abundant practical advice and tips for successful bidding for contracting work with governmental agencies and guidance relative to managing contract performance.

Format:   Looseleaf

Author :  Henry L. Goldberg

Government Procurement, 3rd Edition

This title strips away the complexities of procurement issues for public institutions and their private sector suppliers. Author Paul Emanuelli draws from the latest lawsuits, treaty developments, auditor reports and headline news stories.

Format:   Hardcover Book

Author :  Paul Emanuelli

Hire Purchase

To address the demand for reading materials on hire purchase, this book is written specifically to guide lawyers, professionals from financial institutions and students on fundamental principles and pertinent issues relating to the law of hire purchase. The bilingual English - Bahasa Malaysia text will save time and resources for readers such as ...

Format:   Softcover Book

Author :  Joshua Kevin

Municipal Procurement, 2nd Edition

Municipalities need to know how to recognize, mitigate and if possible avoid the problems that feature frequently in media and auditor general reports. Written by two well-known experts, Municipal Procurement, 2nd Edition fills that need.

Format:   Hardcover Book

Author :  Kevin P. McGuinness & Stephen W. Bauld