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A Practical Guide to Outsourcing Agreements, 2nd Edition

This edition is the essential Canadian business law guide book to analyzing the major issues that arise in outsourcing agreements. Author Adam Vereshack has over 20 years' experience negotiating outsourcing transactions for major Canadian and international companies.

Format:   Hardcover Book

Author :  Adam D. Vereshack, B.A., J.D.

Canadian Forms & Precedents - Information Technology & Entertainment

From computer contracts to internet, e-commerce and entertainment agreements, this module offers a comprehensive set of ready-to-use precedents complete with commentary on information technology law procedures, useful practical advice and checklists.

Format:   Looseleaf + CD-ROM

Author :  Patents: Ronald E. Dimock, Christopher D. Heer & Jenna Wilson; Entertainment Agreements: Tara Parker, Jaclyn Seidman (Founding Editor: Susan Peacock); Computer Contracts: Donald M. Cameron, Robert L. Percival & Bruce W. Stratton; Internet & E-commerce Agr

Computer Contracts

This law and technology publication covers buying, selling, leasing and licensing hardware, software and services, with legal analysis, sample clauses, and complete contracts to help you handle contract matters for computer users and vendors, marketing arrangements, software development, maintenance, licensing arrangements and ...

Format:   Looseleaf

Author :  Esther C. Roditti

Computer Law: A Guide to Cyberlaw and Data Privacy Law

This is only treatise available covering the concepts and techniques of evidence and discovery procedures as they apply to computer based information, and to the protection of computer software under intellectual property and technology laws. Topics covered include: Basic principles and general characteristics of both computer hardware ...

Format:   Looseleaf

Author :  David Bender

Consumer Protection Online

In the first book to collect and review ALL of Canada's legislation protecting both buyers and sellers in online environments, as of April 2006, author Michael Deturbide indicates critical gaps in Canada's information technology laws and draws on legislation from the U. S. and the European Union to recommend urgently needed reforms.

Format:   Softcover Book

Author :  Michael Deturbide; General Editor: Dr. Sunny Handa