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A Commentary on the South African Constitution

This international human rights legislation work is a jurisprudential commentary on the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996. The work discusses the various chapters of the Constitution, including the content and significance of the Bill of Rights, which is the cornerstone of democracy in South Africa.

Format:   Book

Author :  Prof. G.E. Devenish

Advanced Cross-Examination CD-ROM, 2nd Edition

Taped before a live audience, Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques illustrates many of the techniques described in the best-selling Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, often to hilarious effect. Just hearing authors Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd at work will give you valuable insight into such factors as voice inflection and word emphasis ...

Format:   CD

Author :  Larry S. Pozner and Roger J. Dodd

Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques, 2nd Edition DVD

Filmed before a live audience in high quality digital format, Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques, 2nd Edition illustrates many of the techniques described in the best selling book Cross-Examination - Science and Techniques, 2nd Edition.

Format:   DVD

Author :  Larry S. Pozner & Roger J. Dodd

A Guide to Toxic Torts

Unparalleled coverage of the trial of toxic torts cases with complete guidance on obtaining compensation for individuals injured by toxic substances and defending such actions. The liability of the government, manufacturers, vendors, and employers for personal injuries or wrongful death resulting from the improper testing, manufacture, sale, ...

Format:   Loose-Leaf

Author :  Margie Searcy-Alford

A Guide to Troubled Commercial Real Estate Loans for Lenders and Borrowers

Be ready to handle the complex issues relating to troubled commercial real estate loans before they arise.

Format:   eBook

Author :  Joshua Stein