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National Insolvency Review - Newsletter + PDF

This review brings its subscribers valuable information and insights into the challenge of practicing insolvency law. The most recent happenings in insolvency, bankruptcy and creditors' rights are commented upon by knowledgeable professionals from across the country.

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Country: Canada
Format: Newsletter + PDF
Publication Language: English
ISBN: 9780433443933
Publication Date: 1996-01-01
Price: $530.00
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BIA, CCAA & WEPPA: A Guide to the New Bankruptcy & Insolvency Regime
BIA, CCAA & WEPPA: A Guide to the New Bankruptcy & Insolvency Regime is a one-stop reference on Canadian insolvency legislation consolidated to September 18, 2009, with helpful commentary on the amendments and the WEPPA.

Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law - Bill C-55, Statute c.47 and Beyond
Each chapter addresses a critical aspect of Canadian bankruptcy and reorganization law. Questions will spark debate on how current law and policy compare with developments in other countries, and whether existing reform proposals meet Canada's economic needs.

Collier International Business Insolvency Guide
Collier International Business Insolvency Guide covers the insolvency systems and laws of over 34 countries and the European Union, as well as the bankruptcy laws of the United States. Volume 1 covers the relevant U.S. law, including: Structure of the U.S. legal system The principal provisions of the United States Bankruptcy Code dealing with ...

Commercial Insolvency in Canada, 2nd Edition
Leading insolvency lawyer Kevin McElcheran considers Canada's insolvency laws as a whole, to assist in the advancement of often competing, but occasionally aligned interests of debtors, creditors, and other critical stakeholders in cases of all types and sizes.

Law of Bankruptcy and Insolvency in Canada - Revised Edition
This Revised Edition includes a completely new, easier-to-use format and typeface and features case references which contain both the official law report citation and the LexisNexis® Quicklaw® citation.