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Criminal Lawyers' Trial Book

Provides digests of leading cases organized by subject area on virtually every important issue confronting counsel at both the trial and appellate court levels. It offers an excellent starting point for research as well as an aid to the preparation of a case for trial.

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Country: Canada
Format: Loose-Leaf
Publication Language: English
ISBN: 9780409810097
Publication Date: 1985-01-01
Price: $595.00
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Canada Criminal Sentencing Digest / Abrégé de jurisprudence en détermination de la peine
This service covers criminal sentencing cases since the introduction of the conditional sentencing regime in September 1996.

Criminal Procedure in Canada
This guide explains the rules of criminal procedure in a clear, concise manner ideal for prosecutors, defence lawyers, law students and judges. Relevant rules and procedures are introduced and explained in the same sequence that a person investigating and prosecuting would experience them.

Impaired Driving and Breathalyzer Law - Recent Case Law
This practical research and trial preparation manual deals exclusively with impaired driving offences under the Criminal Code. Divided into five main parts, each part is broken down into component aspects with relevant case law clearly set out in digest form.

Impaired Driving in Canada, 4th Edition
This book analyzes every step of the impaired driving case, from the roadside stop through to sentencing and provides coverage of an offence where, according to one Parliamentarian, "every word and every comma in every section has been litigated".

Impaired Driving in Canada - The Charter Cases, 2nd Edition
This book focuses on Canadian Charter of Rights issues that so often become the focus of impaired driving cases. Concise and well-organized, this constitution law text provides quick access to the exact legal issue and fact situation applicable to one's case.