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Internet and E-Commerce Law in Canada - Newsletter + PDF

Designed to help you to stay on top of the rapidly changing world of the Internet, this newsletter covers such topics as: Internet contracts, telephony, encryption, copyright issues, regulatory and statutory developments and new case law.

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Country: Canada
Format: Newsletter + PDF
Publication Language: English
ISBN: 9780433443858
Publication Date: 2003-01-01
Price: $335.00
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E-Commerce and Communications: Transactions in Digital Information
This new analytical treatise is currently a one volume loose-leaf work covering the rapidly changing fields of electronic commerce and communications, focusing on the collision of intellectual property, commercial and communications law in cyberspace. Discussions include challenges to traditional trademarked identity by domain names and hyperlinks ...

Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms
The glossary contains key definitions of computer and Internet technical and business terminology. It is designed as an accessible reference for the legal practitioner for assistance in drafting contracts or opinion letters and preparing litigation pleadings and expert witnesses.

Internet and E-Commerce Agreements - Drafting and Negotiating Tips, 2nd Edition
This hands-on guide addresses the complex legal issues of Internet and e-commerce business in Canada, shows you how to protect the interest of companies who conduct business online, and how to help enterprises develop a Web presence.